HRM Assistant 2013 13.03.16 for Windows 10


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HRM Assistant is a program designed for human resource management (called Human Resource Management HRM) and conducting recruitment projects. This application allows you to collect data about the people who are raised in the recruitment process. It allows you to collect data on the candidates, the data on the payer, scheduling, conducting commissioned projects, contact history, and add załączników.Zalecany is mainly for recruitment agencies in hiring employees. Some features of the program: * files of employees and employers, the ability to add images and attachments such as resumes, cover letters * functions of planning meetings with potential employee or employer identification phase of the task or the project contact history with the client (employer) and the recruited person * conducting Finance / recruitment campaign expenses * Control project coordinator recruitment by employment agencies * Full support for the contact details of clients and job seekers * easy to find in the various modules of the program * the ability to create any number of groups with which you can search bazęUwaga! 31-Day Trial